3rd Birthday Party Surprise

Posted by Courtney Thomas on

One of BDT Cosmetics valued customer has requested for her son's 3rd birthday a lucky packet for a group of 3 - 10 year old's both boys and girls. BDT Cosmetics has created special packages with the same products for the girls and boys but in different fragrances.

The package consisted of:

1) A 125ml Body Fluff

2) Mermaid tail bath bomb for the girls and a Dinosaur egg bath bomb for the boys

3) A Butterfly Soap for the girls and a Dinosaur soap for the boys

4) Whipped soap both in different fragrances for the girls and boys

I had a lot of fun creating these products and matched the party theme of superheroes.  Created special tag's for the products. Thank you for the opportunity and for choosing BDT Cosmetics!